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Hi, my name is Elaine and I am the founder and face behind Project Organise.


Project Organise was born out of a desire to do something I really enjoy doing, organising.

I am passionate about sharing my love of organising and I’m here to help you make more space and time in your life, home or business. You don’t have to have a love for organising, you just have to make the decision that you want the benefits of being more organised, and that's where I come in, working with you, to make it happen.

I have spent my career and home life organising and helping others, I know how juggling a career against the needs of 2 young children and the endless to do lists and asks of us from all aspects of life, can be mentally and physically draining. I know myself, the benefits that being organised can bring, being less stressed allows us more time to enjoy life, it can improve our relationships and promotes a healthier lifestyle, living in the moment and enjoying life is key. I want to work with people to bring them that calm, organised feeling, in what often feels like a busy, stressful, chaotic world.


I work with and educate people on ways to keep your home or workplace organised, clutter free and stress free. Professional Organisers do more than just tidy up, they show people that organisation is a lifestyle that can be achieved and that keeping your home and work environment clutter free doesn’t have to be hard work.

I offer a number of different services and would love to work with you to give you all of the benefits an organised life, home or business can bring.

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What is Professional organising?

Professional Organisers are a relatively new concept in the North, but in essence they help people who are either too busy or don't know where to start, to streamline their possessions and organise their living spaces, work environments and day to day lives.


Focusing on the individual clients needs and utilising their knowledge and expertise, an organiser can help visualise and implement organisational systems that will work in the space and time you have, and crucially, are easy to maintain.

It's all about helping clients function day to day as efficiently as they can, whether that be at home or at work. I work alongside my clients to motivate them, encourage them and to offer support when it comes to decision making and guide and assist them so that their lives become more simplified and organised.

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